DealAxis Prerequisites

DealAxis is primarily configured on a web server but the local PC also needs to be compatible as a DealAxis client. This page describes the requirements in order for syndicate users to be able to use DealAxis and the Pot book grid. To verify that the local PC is compatible a tool can be invoked that will quickly identify any incompatibilities.

Windows, Internet Explorer and .Net Framework versions

DealAxis requires the following minimum versions of local system components.

Checking Prerequisites

Prerequisites can be quickly checked by clicking the following link to invoke a small Windows program to quickly check that the local PC is DealAxis compatible.
Check Prerequisites

The tool reads information from the local PC and displays it in a viewer. If all prerequisites are satisfied the output will be displayed in a summary section as follows.

Prerequisites satisfied

The tool also displays various system details which can be useful for troubleshooting.

System information

If any prerequisites are not valid for DealAxis these incompatibilities will be highlighted in red in the summary section. The user can then drill down into a specific area to see further details such as the exact versions of Windows or Internet Explorer that are installed.

Prerequisites missing

Next ...

Once all DealAxis prerequisites are satisfied the next step is to identify the DealAxis Internet Explorer Zone and check that permissions are correct for that zone.

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