Pot Book Overview

The Pot book .Net grid runs locally on Syndicate users' PCs in an Internet Explorer iframe. It is an embedded Windows Forms User Control written in C# managed code. From the user's browser the grid communicates with the DealAxis web server using web services over http. For users of hosted systems this communication is over the Internet and is routed via the bank's proxy server as illustrated below.

Pot book communication

The .Net grid allows Dealogic to offer a faster and more functional user interface than can be programmed using DHTML and Javascript. When the user loads the Pot book, data is downloaded from business components on the web server and then rendered locally. The .Net grid is therefore much faster than rendering a grid as a web page, where large HTML tables need to be downloaded from the web server. This is especially noticeable for large books and in WAN environments.

Automatic Installation

The .Net grid is deployed on the web server using xcopy deployment so that its files are simply copied onto the web server as for web pages. When the user browses to DealAxis, the .Net control is downloaded automatically from the web server with no user involvement required.

Whenever an updated assembly is placed on the web server, such as when a DealAxis hot fix is applied, the .Net framework will detect this and download the updated DLL files. This automatic download of assemblies is often referred to as No Touch Deployment.

Installing Permissions

Even though the grid itself requires zero installation, it is necessary to install certain non default .Net security permissions on end users' PCs in order for the grid to function correctly. When users with access to the Pot book log on to DealAxis, the system checks that these .Net permissions are correctly installed. If the required permissions are not present the user will be redirected to the DealAxis Client Setup page and prompted to install permissions with a message as follows.

DealAxis Client setup

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