The DealAxis Internet Explorer Zone

Once all DealAxis Prequisites have been satisfied, the next step is to configure Internet Explorer permissions for DealAxis. First we need to identify the Internet Explorer zone users will be browsing in and then set the permissions for that zone.

For users of hosted DealAxis systems, Dealogic recommend configuring permissions within the Trusted Sites Internet Explorer zone. This ensures that there is no chance of any additional permissions required by DealAxis being granted to sites that DealAxis users access over the Internet.

Adding DealAxis to Trusted Sites

To add a site to the Trusted Sites zone, start Internet Explorer, select Tools / Internet Options / Security and select the Trusted Sites zone as below.

Internet Explorer Security

Next click the Sites button and add the domain name of the DealAxis site, which will be automatically detected if DealAxis is the current site.

Add Trusted Site

Verifying the Internet Explorer Zone

To check that DealAxis users are definitely running in the Trusted Sites zone when using DealAxis, browse to DealAxis and look at the icon in the bottom right of the browser, in its status bar. This should indicate that the zone is Trusted Sites as below.

DealAxis Trusted Site

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Once the DealAxis Internet Explorer permissions have been configured the next step is to ensure that Internet Explorer Permissions are compatible with DealAxis.

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