DealAxis Internet Explorer Permissions

Once the DealAxis Internet Explorer Zone has been identified, the next step is to configure Internet Explorer permissions.

Customising Permissions

To customise permissions for the DealAxis Internet Explorer zone, start Internet Explorer, select Tools / Internet Options / Security, select the zone and click 'Custom Level'. This invokes a dialog as below with a large number of settings.

Trusted Site Security

The permissions that need to be set are those listed below and these are enabled by default for the Trusted Sites, Local Intranet and Internet zones. It is possible that IT departments will have disabled some of these permissions however, in which case they will need to be enabled for the DealAxis Internet Explorer zone.

Checking Internet Explorer Permissions

Click the below link to view the Internet Explorer permissions in effect for your user. This will invoke a small Windows program on the local PC which will read and display the Internet Explorer settings.
Check Internet Explorer Permissions


If all browser permissions are satisfied you should see results as follows, with all text displayed in green.

Valid IE permissions

If any permissions are potentially incomptible with DealAxis they will be displayed in red as follows, so that they can be quickly identified. These settings will then need changing by banks' IT departments.

Invalid IE permissions

Further details

For details on why DealAxis requires these Internet Explorer permissions see the Internet Explorer Permission Details page. For details on how to configure browser permissions via the Windows registry in locked down environments, see the Configuring Internet Explorer via the Windows Registry page.

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Once the DealAxis Internet Explorer permissions have been configured the next step is to Install DealAxis .Net Security Permissions for the DealAxis Internet Explorer zone.

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