Internet Explorer Permission Details

This page describes why the DealAxis Internet Explorer permissions are required and the errors that will be experienced if they are not enabled.

Run Components Signed With Authenticode

This permission is required in order for the Pot book grid's .Net assemblies to be downloaded to the DealAxis users' PC. If it is not set then .Net code will be disabled from executing and the user will receive the following message.

Components signed with authenticode not set

Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins

DealAxis does not use ActiveX controls and the Pot book grid is a .Net Windows Forms control hosted in Internet Explorer. However, this ActiveX related permission is also required in order for Windows Forms controls to run embedded in the browser. If it is not enabled DealAxis .Net assemblies will not be downloaded and the user will receive the following message.

Run ActiveX controls not set

Script ActiveX Controls marked Safe for Scripting

This permission is required for the Pot book .Net grid to execute successfully, even though it is not an ActiveX control. If this permission is disabled then .Net assemblies will download successfully but they will be prevented from executing and the user will receive an error message as follows.

ActiveX safe for scripting not set

Run Components Not Signed With Authenticode

The .Net assemblies used by the Pot book grid are all signed assemblies, so this permission is not generally required by the Pot book grid. However, this permission is required in order to download the DealAxis Client and other Dealogic applications via Click Once., since it is not currently possible to sign a Click Once executable.

This permission could also potentially be required if there were problems validating Dealogic's code signing certificate path. This would be the case if the user's certificate store did not contain the Equifax certificate as a Trusted Root Certification Authority or the GeoTrust certificate as an Intermediate Certification Authority. Both of these certificates will be present in all users' browsers by default.

Code signing path

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