Installing DealAxis .Net Permissions

Once the DealAxis Internet Explorer Zone has been identified and Internet Explorer Permissions are correctly configured, the next step is to install .Net permissions on the local PC. The DealAxis Pot book grid runs within an Internet Explorer zone in a restricted environment and needs certain additional permissions in order to execute correctly.

The DealAxis Security Installer

The instructions on this page can be followed to install .Net permissions for this site on a DealAxis user's PC. To start the install program click the below link which will invoke a small Windows program on the local PC.
Run the DealAxis Security Installer

This will invoke a menu page as follows and the security installer will be launched when Install .Net Security Settings is clicked.

Windows XP menu

Non administrator users will be prompted for administrator credentials as follows and the security installer part of the DealAxis Client will then be launched as the administrator user. Administrator privileges are required because standard users are not allowed to elevate their own permissions.

Administrator prompt

The security installer has an appearance as follows and when run via a Click Once hyperlink such as that above the GUI will be automatically filled in. When the installer is run in a standalone fashion these details will need to be filled in manually.

Windows XP installer

Once the installer settings are filled in, click the Install Security Settings button, after which you must Restart Internet Explorer before the settings will take effect.

Further details

For more detailed information on what installing .Net permissions does, see the Advanced Installer Usage page.

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We can verify that .Net permissions are definitely installed correctly from the Checking DealAxis .Net Permissions page.

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