Click Once

Click Once is the latest Microsoft deployment technology and is used to invoke the DealAxis Client tool from these web pages. This tool can help banks to troubleshoot DealAxis pot book grid problems and detect incompatibilities. A user launches the application by clicking a link with the .application extension as below.
Launch 32bit Application

If the Click Once mechanism is allowed to run the user will then be prompted as follows.

Click Once user prompt

The dialog indicates that the code is signed with an Authenticode signature by Dealogic, which can be verified by clicking the DEALOGIC publisher link to display certificate details. The certificate proves that the tool originates from Dealogic and that it is not from an untrusted party.

Dealogic code signing certificate

The DealAxis Client application is automatically downloaded and run from a temporary files area on disk, under a location such as the following.
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Apps\2.0

Click once location

If there are problems running Click Once applications they can be investigated by following the instructions on the Click Once Troubleshooting page.

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