Checking DealAxis .Net Permissions

Once DealAxis .Net Permissions have been installed they can be verified by a tool that displays .Net security settings in a viewer. This can be useful if there is confusion whether permissions have been installed or whether they have been installed for the correct Internet Explorer zone.

Checking Permissions

Click the below link to test permissions, which will run a small Windows program to display the local .Net security settings.
View .Net Security Permissions


The results will be displayed as follows, and DealAxis permissions should be visible under the DealAxis Internet Explorer Zone.

.Net security settings

If DealAxis .Net permissions can be seen in the above tool but DealAxis is indicating to the user that permissions are not installed, the most likely explanation is that there is an Internet Explorer zone mismatch. This could happen if for example permissions had been installed under Trusted Sites but the DealAxis site had not been added to Trusted Sites.

Next ...

Once permissions have been verified the next step is to Test the Pot Book Grid. This will verify that the Pot book grid can successfully communicate with the web server.

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