Pot Book Assembly Downloads

Temporary Internet Files

The Pot book grid is implemented as a series of .Net assemblies (DLL files), and the assemblies are referenced in a web page via an <object> tag. When the web page loads this causes the control's DLL files to be automatically downloaded to the user's PC. Files are first downloaded to the Internet Explorer temporary internet files cache as follows.

Temporary internet files

From the browser it is possible to look at Temporary Internet Files in a more friendly form using a Windows Shell Extension. This is accessed by navigating to Internet Explorer / Tools / Internet Options / Browsing History / Settings / View Files.

View temporary internet files

The resulting dialog shows the downloaded files and the location they were downloaded from. Sorting by the Type column will show the downloaded assemblies as Application Extension files.

Downloaded temporary internet files

Users may occasionally need to clear their Temporary Internet Files, which can be done from Internet Explorer / Tools / Internet Options / Browsing History / Delete and selecting the Delete Files option.

Clear temporary internet files

.Net Download Assembly Cache

Once files have been downloaded to Temporary Internet Files, the .Net framework copies them to the download assembly cache. This is typically under a location such as the following and files are arranged into folder hierarchies.
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\assembly.

Assembly cache folders

A Windows shell extension allows downloaded .Net assemblies to be viewed in a more friendly manner, by browsing to the C:\WINDOWS\Assembly\Download folder. This shows the assemblies in the cache and where they have been downloaded from.

Download cache

From the Tools menu it is possible to adjust the Cache settings and set the maximum allowed size for downloaded assemblies.

Download cache properties

It is possible to clear the .Net download cache for the current user with a tool called GACUTIL.EXE, by executing the command GACUTIL.EXE /CDL. This can occasionally be useful if there are unexpected errors with the Microsoft .Net download process. If the tool is not installed it can be downloaded in ZIP format by clicking the below link. Download the GACUTIL Tool

Gacutil tool

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