DealAxis Client Help

Follow the below steps in sequence to configure permissions to run the Pot book grid in your browser. Once the test grid is working the real Pot book grid will also function correctly.

DealAxis Prerequisites
Describes the versions of Windows, Internet Explorer and the .Net Framework required for a DealAxis user's PC.
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The DealAxis Internet Explorer Zone
Describes how DealAxis is associated with an Internet Explorer zone.

DealAxis Internet Explorer Permissions
Describes how Internet Explorer permissions need to be assigned to the DealAxis Internet Explorer zone.
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Install DealAxis .Net Security Permissions
Invoke a tool to install the Pot book .Net permissions for the DealAxis Internet Explorer zone.
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Check DealAxis .Net Security Permissions
Verify that the Pot book .Net permissions are correctly installed.
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Test the Pot Book Grid
Use this test page to check that the DealAxis Pot book grid will communicate correctly from your local PC to Dealogic web services.
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The above links invoke a small Windows Forms tool which is deployed to the local PC via Click Once. At some banks this deployment may not function correctly, in which case the same tool can be downloaded in ZIP format from the below URL and run in a standalone fashion.

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